Getting Started – Fai-To


What is a Fai-To?

Fai-To is our school-to-school bilateral competition system which lets two schools enter mathematics combat against one another. Any points scored by students during the Fai-To will count towards their school score. The first school to win 5 rounds is crowned the winner of that Fai-To.

What does Fai-To mean?

Fai-To is Japanese for encouragement, fighting spirit. In Japan, members of a team will chant “Fai-To” before entering a competition.

How does it work, and how do I participate?

When your school is selected for a Fai-To by Mangahigh it will be either as a Challenger, or a Defender.  As a Challenger, your students will be able to vote for which of the 2 other pre-selected schools they wish to challenge.

If you are selected as one of the two potential Defenders, you will receive email notification to inform you that the Challenger is considering competing against your school.  If they do select your school, the Fai-To will begin immediately.

During a Fai-To round, any points scored by students from any activity will be counted towards their Fai-To score. The best performing student from each round will be named the Hero of that round.

How long does a Fai-To last?

Each round lasts for 24 hours. The Fai-To will run for a maximum of 9 days, or until one school has won 5 rounds, whichever comes first.

If both schools fail to participate in a round then it is automatically won by the defending school.

What are the benefits of participating?

By giving students the opportunity to make their contribution felt, we are rewarding students for mathematical effort and attainment. Once students are thinking about what they can do to help their school to win, there is no end to the potential for engagement from students of all abilities. Few students ever undertake mathematics activities beyond those set by their teacher. With Fai-To, students have a real reason to engage with the subject in their own time as well as in teacher-set activities. The pride of their school is at stake!

Can I opt out?

Of course you can, although if you opt out you will lose credibility earned within the Fai-To competitions. The more victories you have, the better your school standings! It also shows on your profile page. To opt out, simply send an email to

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Resetting a Teacher’s Password

If you have forgotten your password to your Teacher’s account, you can reset it by doing the following:

On the homepage, click on ‘Sign In.’ Next click on the link that says ‘Forgot Password?’

Enter your email address, click submit and new log in directions will be emailed to you.

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Error Code 2124

If you come across an Error Code 2124 or experience issues with content not being displayed correctly, you may wish to forward the below information on to your school’s technical team and they should be able to check that everything is configured correctly.

Filter and Proxy configuration

If you are running a proxy server or content filter, you may need to configure the server/filter to allow through the following hostnames to allow the MangaHigh maths games to run correctly:

  • (our main website)
  • (which hosts the graphics and games for the site)
  • (where your students need to go to login)
  • (our help/support site)
  • (our news site)
  • (not currently used, but may be used in the very near future)

Ideally, you should allow access to the entire domain name using a wildcard (such as * to reduce the chance of having to change your configuration later.

Some proxy/firewall software may also block set filetypes or “mimetypes” – please ask your network technician to ensure that the following filetypes and mime types are allowed through the firewall:

  • .html     text/html
  • .txt        text/plain
  • .css        text/css
  • .js           application/x-javascript
  • .jpg         image/jpeg
  • .gif          image/gif
  • .png        image/png
  • .swf         application/x-shockwave-flash
  • .xml        text/xml and application/xml
  • .amf        application/x-amf
  • .mp3       audio/mpeg
  • .amf       application/x-amf
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Getting Started – Setting Challenges

Setting a challenge is equivalent to assigning work to your students. These can be done by the students at home or at school either through games, or Prodigi, our curriculum-compliant interactive quiz that has a wide range of specific lessons to choose from.

To set a challenge for your students, first go to “Activities” in the top navigation bar, then select “Challenges” from the drop-down list.

Using the filters in the right-hand column, you can specify what type of challenge you want to set: by game, course, grade and year.

Filter for challenges

Once you have chosen the challenge you would like to set, click on the orange “Challenges” button that is directly beneath it. This will allow you to set the challenge for a whole class, or individual students.  You will also be able to set a pass mark (Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal) and a due date for the challenge.

Once you have clicked “Save”, the challenge will appear on the student’s homepage when they next log in.

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Careers in Mathematics – Mangahigh Poster

Here is a recent poster Mangahigh did for some schools in Australia: “Where will Maths take you?”

For a printable version of this poster, please email us at for more information.

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