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Mangahigh Webinars – UK

With a new school year starting, Mangahigh will be conducting a series of introduction webinars for UK schools. You can sign up for a session by visiting the Mangahigh webinar page and selecting the Introduction to Mangahigh – UK event. A list of the available slots are provided below:

1) 15:45 GMT Thursday 6th October 2011

2) 15:15 GMT Wednesday 12th October 2011

3) 15:30 GMT Tuesday 18th October 2011


If you’re unable to attend any of these webinars, a recording of a previous session can be found here:

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Resetting a Teacher’s Password

If you have forgotten your password to your Teacher’s account, you can reset it by doing the following:

On the homepage, click on ‘Sign In.’ Next click on the link that says ‘Forgot Password?’

Enter your email address, click submit and new log in directions will be emailed to you.

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Error Code 2124

If you come across an Error Code 2124 or experience issues with content not being displayed correctly, you may wish to forward the below information on to your school’s technical team and they should be able to check that everything is configured correctly.

Filter and Proxy configuration

If you are running a proxy server or content filter, you may need to configure the server/filter to allow through the following hostnames to allow the MangaHigh maths games to run correctly:

  • (our main website)
  • (which hosts the graphics and games for the site)
  • (where your students need to go to login)
  • (our help/support site)
  • (our news site)
  • (not currently used, but may be used in the very near future)

Ideally, you should allow access to the entire domain name using a wildcard (such as * to reduce the chance of having to change your configuration later.

Some proxy/firewall software may also block set filetypes or “mimetypes” – please ask your network technician to ensure that the following filetypes and mime types are allowed through the firewall:

  • .html     text/html
  • .txt        text/plain
  • .css        text/css
  • .js           application/x-javascript
  • .jpg         image/jpeg
  • .gif          image/gif
  • .png        image/png
  • .swf         application/x-shockwave-flash
  • .xml        text/xml and application/xml
  • .amf        application/x-amf
  • .mp3       audio/mpeg
  • .amf       application/x-amf
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