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Mangahigh Webinars – UK

With a new school year starting, Mangahigh will be conducting a series of introduction webinars for UK schools. You can sign up for a session by visiting the Mangahigh webinar page and selecting the Introduction to Mangahigh – UK event. A list of the available slots are provided below:

1) 15:45 GMT Thursday 6th October 2011

2) 15:15 GMT Wednesday 12th October 2011

3) 15:30 GMT Tuesday 18th October 2011


If you’re unable to attend any of these webinars, a recording of a previous session can be found here:

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Getting Started – Setting Up Your School

Setting up an account for your school on Mangahigh is very simple. Firstly go to

Fill in your school name where it says “Enter school name here” and then click “Register”. You will directed to the registration page where you enter your account details.

Be sure to choose your unique school URL (this is what your students will use to log into the site) and also your curriculum.

Once you have filled out all the required fields and read through the terms and conditions, click on “Activate Account.”

Please note, only one teacher from your school will need to complete this process.  Once your school has been registered, additional teachers can be added to the account.  The following link shows you how to add teachers to your School account:

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Getting Started – Updating Your Classes

At the start of the new academic year, it is easy to move your students from their old classes into their new classes, whilst maintaining their log in details, history of completed challenges and the Medals they have already earned.

All you need to do is create either a .XSLX or .CSV file of all students who will be using Mangahigh this academic year, with their first names, last names and classes in 3 separate columns. You can also specify usernames, passwords and unique identifiers if you wish.  All classes you want to upload should be listed on the same worksheet of the spreadsheet.

Go to “Admin” in the top navigation bar and click on “Teacher Admin” in the drop-down list.

On the Teacher Admin page, go to the “Bulk Import/Update” tab. Upload your spreadsheet at the bottom of the page and select “Import New Roster”.

When your spreadsheet is uploaded, you will need to input the column headings by selecting the correct column header in the drop-down boxes.

The next step is to specify whether the roster you are uploading is a Full Student Roster or a Partial Student Roster.

If the spreadsheet you are uploading contains the names of all pupils at your school who will be using Mangahigh, you should select “Full Student Roster”.  With this option, any pre-existing students who are not listed on your new spreadsheet are identified as having left the school and are moved to the Leavers folder.  If you are adding additional students to a pre-existing Mangahigh account, you should make sure to select “Partial Student Roster” to avoid sending the rest of your school to the Leavers folder.

You will then be taken through the update wizard, which will automatically upload the students from your spreadsheet. Students will be matched by name.  In the example below, Class 1 will be renamed Class 7 for the upcoming academic year.

Names that are an exact match will be listed in the “Name Match” tab.  If your students’ names are listed differently, for instance if a student named “Eleanor Fisher” is listed on your new spreadsheet as “Ellie Fisher”, the names will be listed in the ‘Fuzzy Match’ tab.  The system will pair up names with similarities, and ask you to confirm if the names in question represent the same student or not.  If they represent the same student, they should remain linked.  If they are two separate students, you need to deselect the link in the middle of the two names.

When you get to the manual matching section at the end of the update wizard, you need to specify what should happen to each student account in question.  For existing records, you can designate the student as a leaver or as an unchanged account.  For new records, you can designate the student as a joiner or ask the system to ignore the new entry.  You also have the option to pair up names that the automatic matching process has not picked up.

Once the process has finished, click “Confirm All Changes”. You will be redirected back to your class overview with the new entry loaded. You can view all your classes from the drop-down box.

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Getting Started – Fai-To


What is a Fai-To?

Fai-To is our school-to-school bilateral competition system which lets two schools enter mathematics combat against one another. Any points scored by students during the Fai-To will count towards their school score. The first school to win 5 rounds is crowned the winner of that Fai-To.

What does Fai-To mean?

Fai-To is Japanese for encouragement, fighting spirit. In Japan, members of a team will chant “Fai-To” before entering a competition.

How does it work, and how do I participate?

When your school is selected for a Fai-To by Mangahigh it will be either as a Challenger, or a Defender.  As a Challenger, your students will be able to vote for which of the 2 other pre-selected schools they wish to challenge.

If you are selected as one of the two potential Defenders, you will receive email notification to inform you that the Challenger is considering competing against your school.  If they do select your school, the Fai-To will begin immediately.

During a Fai-To round, any points scored by students from any activity will be counted towards their Fai-To score. The best performing student from each round will be named the Hero of that round.

How long does a Fai-To last?

Each round lasts for 24 hours. The Fai-To will run for a maximum of 9 days, or until one school has won 5 rounds, whichever comes first.

If both schools fail to participate in a round then it is automatically won by the defending school.

What are the benefits of participating?

By giving students the opportunity to make their contribution felt, we are rewarding students for mathematical effort and attainment. Once students are thinking about what they can do to help their school to win, there is no end to the potential for engagement from students of all abilities. Few students ever undertake mathematics activities beyond those set by their teacher. With Fai-To, students have a real reason to engage with the subject in their own time as well as in teacher-set activities. The pride of their school is at stake!

Can I opt out?

Of course you can, although if you opt out you will lose credibility earned within the Fai-To competitions. The more victories you have, the better your school standings! It also shows on your profile page. To opt out, simply send an email to

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Getting Started – Setting Challenges

Setting a challenge is equivalent to assigning work to your students. These can be done by the students at home or at school either through games, or Prodigi, our curriculum-compliant interactive quiz that has a wide range of specific lessons to choose from.

To set a challenge for your students, first go to “Activities” in the top navigation bar, then select “Challenges” from the drop-down list.

Using the filters in the right-hand column, you can specify what type of challenge you want to set: by game, course, grade and year.

Filter for challenges

Once you have chosen the challenge you would like to set, click on the orange “Challenges” button that is directly beneath it. This will allow you to set the challenge for a whole class, or individual students.  You will also be able to set a pass mark (Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal) and a due date for the challenge.

Once you have clicked “Save”, the challenge will appear on the student’s homepage when they next log in.

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