Forget Football, Texas K12 Students Now Compete Around TEKS Math Standards for FREE at Mangahigh

Mangahigh today announced full implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) mathematics curriculum. Mangahigh’s curriculum engine now offers a completely native experience when browsing the TEKS mathematics curriculum.


The event ushers in a new era for Texas sports. Football had traditionally been a leading sport in Texas. However, students are now leaving football in droves to participate in competitions around TEKS math standards. This is possible because of numerous competition elements in the Mangahigh system:  Students compete against their own abilities to achieve new high scores, students compete against each other to see who can accumulate the most medals, and entire schools compete against other schools on the leader boards and in bi-lateral competitions called Fai-To’s. Texas students now worry about their proficiency in TEKS math standards and their school’s ranked position in the state.”I have seen huge success with students being motivated by Mangahigh in my district, ” says Karen Justl, Educational Technology Facilitator, Spring Branch ISD. “Now with TEKS standards support, I really don’t think football has a chance. A typical football game lasts for 2-3 hours while a Mangahigh Fai-to competition can last 5-9 days!”


To teach a given academic Standard on Mangahigh, a Texas teacher simply goes to the Mangahigh Activities page, and either searches for the chosen Standard with a text search, or drills down to it by selecting the grade (e.g. Grade 6) and then the sub-categories (e.g. Number Sense and Numeration).  The Teacher can then explore all of the Mangahigh exercises or math games that support that Standard, experience the work themselves, or set it directly to any one of their classes or students. This deep integration of the TEKS Standards into Mangahigh’s games-based math platform is critical in maximizing teaching effectiveness while maintaining student engagement.


About Mangahigh
Mangahigh is a classroom math teaching resource that uses online game technologies and reward mechanisms to deliver unmatched student engagement in math. Incorporating more than 50,000 math questions and 12 unique math games, Mangahigh boasts some of the most powerful analytical tools in the online math world. Mangahigh’s adaptive technology means that questions are always suited to the individual student, so at-grade and gifted students are as well catered to as RTI, Remediation and Special Education students.
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