Sundae Times Multiplication Mania!

Do you like ice cream? Of course you do – and so do we. In fact, we like it so much we based our new maths game around it! It’s called Sundae Times, and it sees you racing against rival players to build the tallest, grandest, most yummy ice cream sundae possible.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mangahigh game without some super-cool maths in there too, so the way to win is by answering times table problems. Get a problem right and you earn a fresh dollop of tasty ice cream; get it wrong and the ice cream splats on the floor, wasting precious seconds.

Along you way you collect special power-ups that do everything from melt your opponents’ ice creams to award you double scoops for every correct answer. But stay alert for the Hungry Hound; if he escapes he’ll eat everything in his path! Don’t say you weren’t warned…

Best of all, you can play Sundae Times against the computer or – ta-daa! – online versus other students from around the world! How brilliant is that?

We’re sure you’re going to love Sundae Times. When you’ve given it a try we’d love to hear what you think of it!

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