Getting Started – Setting Challenges

Setting a challenge is equivalent to assigning work to your students. These can be done by the students at home or at school either through games, or Prodigi, our curriculum-compliant interactive quiz that has a wide range of specific lessons to choose from.

To set a challenge for your students, first go to “Activities” in the top navigation bar, then select “Challenges” from the drop-down list.

Using the filters in the right-hand column, you can specify what type of challenge you want to set: by game, course, grade and year.

Filter for challenges

Once you have chosen the challenge you would like to set, click on the orange “Challenges” button that is directly beneath it. This will allow you to set the challenge for a whole class, or individual students. ¬†You will also be able to set a pass mark (Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal) and a due date for the challenge.

Once you have clicked “Save”, the challenge will appear on the student’s homepage when they next log in.

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